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Mermaids  -Ritual of Hooks- by BurnedRaven
Mermaids -Ritual of Hooks-
Once a year the mermaids gather to witness the "Ritual of Hooks".

During this event a mermaid is bound in fishing line laced with countless fish hooks. She is then tied to a sunken Ship often a fishing vessel where she is then left for the remainder of the day in full view of the other mermaids.
I have come to the conclusion that this ritual came around during the time mermaids were hunted by sailors and fishermen and serves as a reminder to the next generation of mermaids the danger of getting to close to humans, resulting in the decline of mermaid sightings and interactions with humans.

thanks to for the reference photos to help me illustrated this event

created in watercolours

will be up for sale and with prints once ive sorted everything.
Ama - The origin of Roses by BurnedRaven
Ama - The origin of Roses
Ama - The origin of Roses

Full story coming soon

A fairy as old as the first love story. born from mankind's love for another she has heard every proposition that has been made with a rose, every perfect romance to every torn heart.
A collector of love stories, she is approached by people and even other fairies in hopes to trade their stories for her many blessings, she is also thought to be the origin of the very first love potion, a recipe she imparted on someone who told her a particularly tragic love story.
                                                                                        -Burned Raven-

will be available to buy on my etcy when i get some prints made…

big thanks to
for the amazing references to help me illustrate 

painted with

painted while listening to…

Sprite Essence Vessels by BurnedRaven
Sprite Essence Vessels
Sprite Essence Vessels

I walked through the forest in search of the sprite which I had spied from my camp. When I finally glimpsed its distinctive aura it began looking at me with the same curiosity it had done previously. No sooner had i stepped forward it darted to a nearby rose bush which I assumed it did to conceal itself. I had dealt with sprites before but more often than not they were mischievous rather than curious.
I blindly picked a rose from the bush only for the sprite to dart from the rose and disappear into the forest.
My eyes fell back on the rose in my hand. To my amazement it had completely withered, its petal broke and crumbled as I touched it. It would seem the sprite had drawn a large amount of energy from it to make its escape.
Despite this I could still sense faint signs of the same essence the sprite gave of in the withered remains of the rose in my hand.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Burned Raven-

These vessels contain the remains of flowers "leaves and petals" which have been inhabited by a sprite at some point. Though there is small traces of the sprites essence left in them there is not enough to cause harm to people but I have magically bound them just in case for safety using an enchanted nail and binding spell.

Despite being sealed the remnants of the sprite essence may attract other sprites or fairies to the Vessels location, because of this you may have increased sprite activity in the locations you keep the vessel. Fairies are known for sorting out stray sprite essence from my experience making theses so a bell has been attached to make you aware of any other faeries trying to steal it.
"You should have seen my workshop while I was making these"

Chance of Increased Mythical activity - LOW


Glass Bottle
Enchanted Nail
White Rose Petals
Red Rose Petals
Silver Birch Leaves

White birch tree leaves, White Rose Petals, Red Rose Petals

More petal and leaf choices coming when I find more sprites.

my new etsy store…
Mireth - The lunar Moth (12th generation) by BurnedRaven
Mireth - The lunar Moth (12th generation)
Enters a state of change every lunar cycle which alters her appearance. This is her 12th generation cycle on record.

Mireth is the keeper of the lunar moths, not much is know of her even by other fairy folk but it is said that her eyes can hold sway over the moon which is why she is only ever seen with her eyes closed except during great lunar events. This is both her gift and her curse, because of this inability view the world her kin the lunar fairy's whisper to her important events that that are deemed important so she can issue orders to keep her kin safe. Despite her renowned kindness towards other she has been attacked on occasion by those wishing to gain her power over the moon.

There is one particular fairy who is after something else and has hunted her longer than any other. Niern the fairy of webs has sought after Mireth for generations seeking to obtain her wings to add to her collection, Mireth is considered to be the owner of some of the most beautiful wings of any fairy and like others gifted with this beauty she may eventual fall to Nierns web.

Autumn Webs - Niern


Painted listening to nox arcana…
love this group
Lunar Wip by BurnedRaven
Lunar Wip
next painting im working on, i just hope it paint oaky I made the mistake of drawing it one wrong side of the paper :/
I really want to buy one of the painter programs, but after looking it up it appears the new painter 11 is a bit bugged and has yet to have any patches to fix it. so i was wondering should i go for painter 10 and upgrade to 11 at another date or dive strait into 11?

any sujestions will be really helpfull


home of Valkiah
United Kingdom
my Chaos Zealot Cosplay on the right and my friend the witchhunter on the left

Current Residence: In my own little fantasy
Favourite genre of music: Rock, classical, opera
Favourite style of art: sculpture, Fantasy, cute disturbing....stuff
Skin of choice: Blue....dont ask
Favourite cartoon character: The Witchblade
Personal Quote: Live Free, Die Free

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Thank you for the fav!
I'm glad you liked my pendant:)
maagg Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank You for the fav :3
Jakari Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013

Today's DD reminds me of your work. If a little bit more fluorescent. =p
BurnedRaven Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
Ha its does a bit, makes me want to use bright colours on my next picture now :)
Doxypoo2 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! Your Legion costume looks absolutely brilliant, I plan on making my own sometime this year and will definitely be using yours as inspiration. I've seen a few different methods for sealing and painting foam, but I'm curious as to how you did yours?
BurnedRaven Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
Hey thanks Im glad that my costume will help you make yours :) If you have any question about it feel free to ask ill be glad to help. To seal the foam I coated it with 7 layers of watered down pva glue 50/50 ratio. I will say the draw back I found with this was that it does crack if you ben the foam outwards but only creases if you bend it inwards.

hope this helps and good luck with yours :)
Jakari Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Did you see today's DD? Reminded me of your work: [link]
BurnedRaven Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Hey your right it does :) Makes me want to get another picture started now
Jakari Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
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your art is great :D keep up the great work
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